Beautiful... By Nature
Centrally located between Cashiers and Highlands in beautiful western North Carolina, Yellow Mountain Preserve boasts the highest elevation on the Cashiers-Highlands Plateau at 5,100 ft. This 162 acre, low density estate development reaches 5,127 feet at its highest point and is for sale in its entirety or subdivided. Backing up to 12,000 acres of the Nantahala National Forest that will never be developed, only fourteen estate lots are nestled among the natural flora and fauna of the area. Yellow Mountain Preserve has grand views and beautiful mountain scenery. You won't see neon lights, enormous malls, or theme parks. Yellow Mountain Preserve is nature.

About Yellow Mountain

Annual rainfall is high in this range of the Appalachians, approaching rainforest levels in some areas. Thus the lush vegetation and large number of species. Diverse wildlife habitats in the National Forest provide suitable environments for game animals to song birds.

Yellow Mountain is one of the grand Southern Appalachian peaks. The Appalachian Mountain range is not only the oldest, but the second largest mountain system of North America thus vastly rich in culture. In the craft making industry, Appalachia is known for basket weaving, quilting, wood-carving, rug-making and making musical instruments (dulcimers and fiddles) made to play bluegrass and folk music.